Economic Crisis: Links & Resources

BernankePaulsonThe first version of the bailout bill (3 pages). The third version of the bailout bill (110 pages). And finally, the current version of the bailout bill (451 pages). It seems it is in the nature of politicians to needlessly increase complexity.

Warren Buffett’s interview with Charlie Rose. As usual, Buffett gives a great explanation of the current crisis. On the bailout bill: “It’s better to be approximately right than precisely wrong.

The best “story” of the events in the past few weeks is this article from the New York Times. My guess is that the full story won’t be revealed for at least another few years.

A great letter by Howard Marks on the bailout plan, the circumstances surrounding it, and what got us to this point in the first place.

I agree with Roger Ehrenberg in his post “Investment Banking 2.0“: the best thing for the financial industry is smaller, more nimble banks that aren’t part of large conglomerates. This forces more redundancy into the system and mutes the domino effect that a single bank’s collapse can have on the industry.

2 thoughts on “Economic Crisis: Links & Resources

  1. I enjoyed the 60 Minutes piece – it explained things very well. However, I think they overemphasized the role that derivatives played. Derivatives may have been one of the big causes, but what caused their usage to get out of hand? Poor risk management and misaligned incentives. In other words, derivatives by themselves don’t necessarily lead to disaster. You can trade/use derivative securities (prudently) without causing a financial meltdown.


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