Blog update 4/08

Over the next few months, due to other commitments I won’t be writing posts as frequently. [Removed] Until then, you’ll have to settle with a few posts here and there with links I may find interesting.

On that note, I’ll take this time to thank all the readers and subscribers of this blog. It’s been running for about 6 months now, and has received about 15k views from 78 countries around the world. I don’t write as often as some other blogs, but when I started FutureBlind I wanted the quality of the posts to make up for it. So hopefully you’ve either enjoyed the articles, learned something new, or gotten some kind of insight from this blog.

In the first part of May, I will be attending the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. I hope to see any readers who will be at the meeting or at the Yellow BRK’er party Friday night. For those who can’t make it, I’ll probably be posting a brief summary of my experience (every year it seems there are plenty of bloggers/writers who give great summaries of the meeting). This is the second Berkshire meeting I’ll have gone to (first time in 2006), and hopefully it will be just as good as the last.

Here’s a few good links before I go:

Fear of a Black Swan — interview with Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Sam Zell: A Tough Guy in a Mean Business

Evolving the Wow! Factor — Olivia Judson is a science writer for the NYT. She is an evolutionary biologist and always has very fascinating articles. For anyone interested in evolutionary mental models, Olivia is one of the best writers out there.

Place Your Stock Bets Here — A post on the Freakonomics blog on the site A good site to show you how futile charting and technical analysis techniques are (once again, the rear-view mirror doesn’t help much).

The above also links to another good Freakonomics post on the media’s insistence on finding a reason for every market move. My favorite future headline: “Stocks Dive: Three First-Movers Sold Hard and Then Everyone Else Inexplicably Followed“.